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Grózer Naturcomposit Bicycle

Bicycle made from natural material, the commodity is practically a biocarbon material.

We thought about bicycle producing firstly 12 years ago, and we made also bicycle frame from wood and carbon plates which was made by the sample of the hunting recurve bows.

7 years ago we made bicycles from Biocomposit materials and from bamboo.

Int he last 4-5 years we started to deal with developing a muc more better material, which virtually combines the beauty of the exotic wood and the flexibility of the carbon.

This new material is made from a quite complex, innovative process, which is practically a biocarbon. It is stronger than the glassfiber composit, and lighter than the carbon. It can swallow the vibrations very well, and it has also a very beautiful structure.

A lot of people asked me, why did I start to deal with bicycles next to the bows. The answer is very simple. I am very interested in the nature protection, and also in the developing of the different composit materials, and these things meet very well by the bicycle.

The design is also quite unique, the frame is not totally rigid, mostly the rear part of the bicycle is also working. The lower fork is springing, and the upper fork is soothing that. That’s why the whole construction is very comfortable.

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